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Who We Are...

You don't have to be a PGA pro to get professional service. Our goal is to provide every client with a quality product that will enhance the beauty and increase the value of their home.

"Artificial Turf Products Inc. was founded in 1998. My goal then, as it is today, was to build an exceptional product at a fair price. Despite the tremendous growth within the synthetic turf industry, we have remained a small, privately held company.

"Because of our size, we can maintain the personal contact with our clients that I believe is so critical to understanding and meeting their expectations. My goal with every project we undertake, is to create a finished product that I would be proud to have my company's name associated with. Large companies simply cannot provide that personal touch and that is what sets us apart from our competition."

~ Jeff Gross, President
Artificial Turf Products, Inc.

Today's synthetic turf offers practical solutions for homeowners, developers, landscape architects, resorts, country clubs, day care centers and athletic field complexes. In short, anywhere natural grass was used in the past, synthetic turf offers a cost effective, durable and attractive alternative.


Consider the money to be saved by not having to water and mow your lawn, not to mention the cost and hazards to people, pets and the environment associated with many fertilizers and pesticides. If you are considering new construction and factor in the cost of an irrigation system and a lawn service, synthetic turf lawns can pay for themselves is as little as two to three years.


can offer their clients the savings and freedom associated with a maintenance free synthetic lawn.


can reap all of the above referenced benefits as well as the labor savings from never again having to "lime or paint" lines on your fields. Synthetic turf fields always look great regardless of how frequently they are used. No more mud to deal with and even the heaviest of rains can't render a synthetic turf field unplayable.

Today's turf is affordable, attractive and durable. And now there is no better time to consider artificial turf. With draught and suburban sprawl the need for water conservation will only increase. Do the right thing for your yard, your budget and your environment. With all of the obvious benefits, why wouldn't you choose synthetic turf? For a free site evaluation and a quote, simply give us a call or complete the contact form. Let us treat you like a pro!

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