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Matthew Perry

At Artificial Turf Products we are proud supporter of aspiring local Professional golfers like Matthew Perry.  Matthew grew up in a golf family receiving lessons from his older brother, Drew and father, Scott who are both accomplished players, as well as his second cousin and 14 time PGA tour winner, Kenny Perry.


Matthew played competitively throughout his junior and high school years and was recruited to play Division I golf at UNC Wilmington. During his freshman year Matthew made the decision to step away from the game and transferred to Ole Miss where he received a degree in Business Marketing. After graduating Matthew worked in insurance before joining Artificial Turf Products. After working a couple years with Artificial Turf Products, Matthew made the decision to take the leap and chase his lifelong dream of playing golf professionally. He has since moved down to Florida where he will start playing in mini tour events throughout the southeast and PGA Tour and Tour Monday qualifiers as well as Qualifying school this fall.  While we hated to see him leave the company, we are so proud of his determination and accomplishments while working at ATP.  Good Luck Matthew!

Synthetic lawns gaining in popularity

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. has seen considerable growth in the synthetic turf lawn market. The three most significant factors contributing to the synthetic lawn growth are kids, dogs and shade. Natural grass has a difficult time thriving with any of the three but when you have two or more the lawn can’t survive. Many families are resorting to synthetic lawns to replace the dusty or muddy area that used to be grass covered. Pet turf is becoming very popular and is a great alternative to natural grass. It is hypoallergenic and does not provide a receptive environment for bugs. Must synthetc grass lawns cost between $6.00 to $7.00 per square foot and today’s synthetic lawn turf looks very realistic. It is a great alternative to the work and expense of trying to keep a lawn looking good.

Putting green installs on the rise

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. has installed two synthetic grass putting greens in the past week. One was a new install and the other a replacement of a green that was just three years old. When I asked the homeowner why he wanted to replace a green that was just three years old he explained that it was done by landscapers and was never right from day one. Many landscapers will do synthetic turf work as a sideline and some may be very good at it, but synthetic turf is all we do. I was once asked by a potential client at the Southern Spring Show why he should choose Artificial Turf Products over a landscaper who had a nice display that included a small green. My response was that synthetic turf is all we do, so it is our speciality. I than asked him,”if you had a torn ACL would you go to a general practicioner or an orthopod”? He responded that he was an orthopedic surgeon and he liked my way of thinking. I got the job. If you are going to invest in synthetic turf, have it done by someone with a resume of jobs so you know that it will be done right the first time.

K9 Turf vs. synthetic landscape turf

As someome who has been involved with synthetic or artificial turf for the past 13 years I have seen considerable evolution in the quality and appearence of the products. I have installed all types of turf for a variety of applications. Today the term K9 turf appears to be in vogue. While different companies may market their product as K9 turf, there is often times no difference between K9 turf and other synthetic turf products. The thing to look at when you are buying turf for use where dogs are present is the face weight and length of the turf. The face weight will typically be higher on the products that have more fibers/square inch. The thing to consider when buying turf for an area where dogs are present is how durable the product will be and how easy it is to clean. A good quality landscape turf should be just as durable as what some are marketing as K9 turf. Don’t be fooled into paying more for a product because it is marketed as K9 turf. Check out the length and face weight as compaired to other synthetic turf products and ask the sales person how the K9 turf is different. Chances are, they won’t have any technical data to support their contention that the product is K9 turf other than the fact that that is what their supplier has decided to call it.

K9 Turf and Pet Turf vs. landscape turf

After receiving questions regarding the use of landscape turf where dogs are involved I felt it appropriate to provide some clairification. There are a variety of turf products specifically designed and marketed as K9 or pet turf. Those products are specifally designed with dogs in mind. In applications were numerous dogs are present or in dog kennels those types of turf are better suited for that application than are landscape turf products. However, if you are a pet owner who wants synthetic turf because shade, high traffic, soil composition or other factors make growing grass difficult it is not necessary to only look at K9 or pet turf products. Most synthetic turf products are very durable and are suitable for use where a pet or pets are present. Landscape turf is typically more attractive and realistic looking than K9 turf. And the install process is very similar. Any competent, experienced installer could install either product. As a consumer you should consider your specific situation, how the area to be turffed will be used and make your decision accordingly.

Selecting a turf company/installer

With synthetic turf gaining in popularity there are a lot of new turf suppliers and turf installers offering their products and services. As a consumer you should get several quotes before having any work done. In all probability the quotes will vary by as much as $5.00/ sq. ft. It is important that you do your research before selecting a product and an installer. Most turf products will come with a limited warranty. If the turf that you are considering does not come with a warranty ask “why not”? Selecting an installer is probably the most important part of the process. Make sure that your potential installer has the necessary experience. Check with references and go look at some of the projects that they have installed. Whenever possible, select a local company so they are readily available if it is necessary to perform a repair. A reputable installer will be happy to provide references and have you look at their work because it helps sell you on them. If they are hesitant to provide references, look elsewhere for your installer. Synthetic turf is a significant financial and long term investment. Doing your due dilligence to insure that it is done properly is time well spent.

Animals and Synthetic Lawns

After attemping to grow a natural lawn in my back yard for 8 years, my wife and I finally decided to have Articial Turf Products install a synthetic lawn.  And it has been one of the best investments in our home that we have made.  Our problem growing grass in the back yard was/is two active yellow labs that love to run around and play fetch.  We originally had a fescue lawn that would do okay in the spring and fall, but suffered tremendously during the summer because of the heat and the dog traffic. I was always trying to reseed and catch up during the fall, so I could have a reasonalble looking lawn the next spring.

Next I tried a high grade bermuda lawn, Princess 77, and it came in great. I power raked the back yard, re-leveled, watered, and kept the dogs off the lawn that summer when the bermuda was coming in.  By the fall, I had a very good looking lawn.  However, when the dogs started to be more active on the lawn, and after going dorment for 3 winter seasons, the bermuda lawn was toast.  In January 2011, we had 3 or 4 towels by the back door to wipe the dog’s feet off everytime they went out and came back in.  Not to mention, that I had a horrible looking lawn, again.  The wife was none too happy and neither was I.

So we researched synthetic lawns in January 2011 and we liked the idea, but were a little reluctant because of the price.  However, we were at the point where we just needed a solution, and the price was not the biggest factor.  In addition, when I factored in all of the money spent over the past 8 years trying to grow a natural lawn (seed, fertilizer, crab grass preventer, watering, mowing and so forth), I could have paid for a synthetic lawn from the start.  So I certainly didn’t want to be 8 more years and all of the time, money and effort into a natural lawn that wasn’t likely to be any better.

My biggest surprise in having Artificial Turf products install a sythetic lawn is how good it looks.  It looks fantastic!!   And the dogs can run around on it all they want.   So I highly recommend a synthetic lawn for anyone.  But especially those with dogs, kids, shady areas or high traffic areas.  You will not be disappointed.  If you like, please check out the photos of my lawn under the lawn section.  The photos are towards the end and I have a stone patio with columns.

Rod Caillouet

Synthetic turf offers cost effective alternmitive to natural grass lawns

At a recent trade show I was explaing the obvious advantages of a synthetic turf lawn to an elderly lady: “it is an environmently friendly product, no watering, no fertilizer etc.” After concluding my pitch she made a profound statement that I had not even considered. She observed that “a landscaper once told me that a natural grass lawn is the most expensive ground cover you can have”. After considering her remark I realized that she was absolutely correct. In evaluating my own situation which involves an acre of land and a lawn service I determined that I was spending about $2000.00/year on my lawn. It costs $40.00/week for the service which occurs about 40 times/year. That amounts to $1,600.00, but it does not stop there. I have to include the fall airiation, seeding and fertilization as well as the preemergence crab grass killer in the spring. All told, it added up to about $2,000.00. I have lived in my house 21 years so I have invested about $42,000.00 in my lawn. And that does not include the 5-6 loads of top soils I had put down shortly after moving in and realizing that without better soil the grass was never going to grow. Admittedly most lawns may not be as large as mine, but maintaining a natural grass lawn is clearly an expensive and never ending proposition. Synthetic lawns cost more up front, typically between $3000.00 to $10,000.00 but they last for about 15 years. So in reality, most synthetic turf lawns will pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years. With synthetic lawns being attractive and nearly maintenance free it is hard to justify the never ending expense of a natural grass lawn.

Stop investing time and money in your burned out lawn!

We have reached that time of year where the lawns that were lush and green just a few months ago are now dry and brown. The fact of the matter is that every year natural grass lawns burn out during the summer requiring extensive and expensive reseeding or resoding in the fall. Break this costly cycle by investing in synthetic turf. Synthetic turf not only looks green year round, it is a green product because it requires no water or hazardous chemicals. Before you invest more money in your natutral grass lawn give Artificial Turf Products a call to see just how affordable a synthetic lawn can be.

Hire the right person for the job

I was recently contacted by a lady who had a landscaper install a putting green in her backyard. She stated that he did a great job on the bulk of the work, but the green was not what she had expected and asked if I could come and look at it to see if I could fix the problems. Following the visit I called her back and explained that the material used for the base was the wrong product, the turf was not intended for outdoor use and the seam in the green was poorly done and that is why it was visible. I explained that I could fix the problems for about $2000.00 but that would still mean that her green had turf that was intended for an indoor application. She explained that she wanted to stick with the turf since she already had $3000.00 invested in it. With the proposed repairs the total cost of the green would be about $5000. The unfortunate truth is that had she contacted me initially she would have had a nicer finished product using the proper products and would have saved about $1,500.00. If you have a landscaping project hire a landscaper. If you want synthetic turf installed hire an expert who does that for a living, not a landscaper who installs synthetic turf as a sideline. You will save money in the long run.

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. selected to reconstruct synthetic green at UNCC

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. recently completed reconstructing a synthetic turf putting green at the residence of Dr. DuBois, UNCC Chancellor. The green had been installed several years ago by another synthetic turf company. When the original installer was contacted to address issues with the green it was learned that they were no longer in business. Artificial Turf Products, Inc. was able to reconstruct the green base and replace the old turf with state of the art putting green turf and fringe in three days. After seeing the completed project the Chancellor stated that “the green is terriffic”. Before investing in a synthetic turf project be sure that the company you select will be around to service your green or lawn should the need arise.

ATP, Inc. installs indoor soccer field

ATP, Inc. recently completed installing an indoor soccer field at Tu Cancha Sports Center in Monroe, NC. The 12,000 sq. ft. of synthetic turf was installed in three days to minimize the down time. The new turf replaced an older generation of synthetic turf that was worn out. The facility is used daily for both youth and adult soccer leagues.

ATP, Inc. selected to install turf at UNC Amberly Wellness Center

Carolina Green Corporation recently selected Artificial Turf Products to install the synthetic turf at the Amberly Wellness Center in Cary, NC. The synthetic turf install consisted of nearly 19,000 square feet of Fast Grass AT755E a hybrid product of polyethylene and nylon originally developed for use in the Detroit Silver Dome.

Athletic Barn in Waxhaw, NC selects Artificial Turf Products, Inc. to install their synthetic turf

The Athletic Barn in Waxhaw, NC a baseball teaching/fitness training facility recently selected Artificial Turf Products, Inc. to install their outdoor synthetic turf product. The facility consists of two indoor and three outdoor synthetic turf fields for fitness and sports training.  The three outdoor fields simulate baseball and football fields for training purposes and cover nearly 16,000 square feet.

Artificial Turf Products, Inc selected to install the synthetic turf at Champions Sports Performance and Training Center

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. was selected to install the 4,320 sq. ft. synthetic turf field at the Champions facility in Cornelius, NC.

Artificial Turf Products Inc. selected to install synthetic T-Line turf in new Mooresville driving range

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. was the contractor of choice to install over 2000 square feet of synthetic T-Line turf at the new state of the art driving range in Mooresville, NC.

Gaston Christian Academy selects Artificial Turf Products, Inc. to build their new facility.

Artificial Turf Products, Inc was recently selected to construct the aggregate base and install nearly 5000 square feet of synthetic athletic turf in an outdoor soccer teaching/training facility. ATP, Inc. worked closely with the school and the synthetic turf supplier to come up with a product that met the athletic and financial needs of the school.

Veterinary Hospitals choose Artificial Turf Products, Inc. for their synthetic turf needs

The Main Street Veterinary Hospital in Cornelius, NC and The Carolina’s Veterinary Medical Hospital in Charlotte both recently selected Artificial Turf Products, Inc. to install synthetic pet turf at their respective facilities. Artificial Turf Products, Inc. is the choice of the professionals when it comes to installing a durable pet friendly product that will stand up to heavy K9 traffic.

Ashville Academy selects Artificial Turf Products, Inc.

Ashville Academy, an upscale pre-school in Ashville, NC has selected Artificial Turf Products Inc. to install 6,800 square feet of synthetic landscape turf on the playground at the new facility. ATP, Inc. with fifteen years of experience was selected over several other less experienced companies vying for the job.

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. has record year installing residential landscape turf

Homeowners are discovering that synthetic landscape turf is a sensible investment.  Despite the poor economy homeowners are realizing the obvious time and cost saving benefits of synthetic landscape turf.  In just the first three quarters of 2013 Artificial Turf Products Inc. has completed thirty-five synthetic landscape and pet turf projects, most of which have been residential projects under 1,500 sq. ft.  The fact that most back yards can be converted to synthetic turf for $5,000.00- $10,000.00 has made it a practical solution for busy families.  And the fact that in most cases the lawn pays for itself in five years has made going synthetic a popular choice with today’s busy lifestyles.

Artificial Turf Products, Inc to build golf practice/teaching facility at Alderson-Broaddus University

ATP, Inc. has agreed to build a 4000 square foot synthetic turf golf teaching/practice facility at Alderson-Broaddus University in Philipi, West Virginia. The project includes a 2400 sq.ft. synthetic turf putting green, three synthetic turf tee boxes and various length fringe and ruff to simulate various type lies. The project is to be completed by early spring 2014. Alderson-Broaddus University is part of the Great Midwest Athletic Conference that consists mostly of small Christian and liberal arts colleges. Despite their size ABU has 27 athletic and related programs which is the most of any school in West Virginia.

Kennelina Pet Resort selects ATP, Inc. for synthetic turf project

Kennelina Pet Resort in Gastonia, NC selected ATP, Inc to build a synthetic/artificial turf pet exercise area at their boarding facility. Although other turf companies were involved in the bid process ATP’s experience with projects of this sort and positive references from previous clients made ATP the clear choice. ATP has installed synthetic/artificial turf at three pet boarding or veterinary facilities in the past year.

Artificial Turf Products installs 30,000 sq. ft. of playground turf at Kids R Kids in Charlotte, NC

Artificial Turf Products recently completed installing 30,000 sq. ft. of playground turf at the Kids R Kids facility on Blakeney Park Drive in Charlotte. The install also included a small soccer field. The project was completed in phases to avoid interrupting operations.

Artificial Turf Products selected to replace a 3000 sq. ft. natural grass green with artificial turf

Artificial Turf Products recently completed installing approximately 3000 sq. ft. of synthetic putting turf and fringe over what was previously a 3000 sq. ft. bent grass green at a private residence in Charlotte, NC. After numerous years of work and considerable expense the homeowner elected to convert his country club quality green to synthetic turf. The project involved moving a considerable amount of material over a natural grass Croquet court. The project was completed without damaging the natural grass on the Croquet court. The pleased homeowner stated “the green looks and putts great”.

Artificial Turf Products selected to install synthetic turf playground at Cotswold Elementary School

Artificial Turf Products working in conjunction with the school’s PTA and the Charlotte Mecklenburg School system will be installing nearly 14,000 sq. ft. of synthetic turf in a playground area behind to the school. The project will convert what was previously a dirt and mud field to a pristine play surface and will be completed prior to the return of students this fall.

Artificial Turf Products has record year installing playground turf

ATP, Inc. installed synthetic turf in five playgrounds in and around Charlotte in 2014 resulting in a total of 58,000 sq. ft. of artificial playground turf replaying natural turf on playgrounds. The obvious benefits have resulted in many schools and day care centers converting their natural grass playgrounds to synthetic turf. Artificial Turf Products, Inc. established in 1998 is Charlotte’s oldest company specializing in the construction of synthetic and/or artificial turf lawns and playgrounds.

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