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Putting green installs on the rise

Artificial Turf Products, Inc. has installed two synthetic grass putting greens in the past week. One was a new install and the other a replacement of a green that was just three years old. When I asked the homeowner why he wanted to replace a green that was just three years old he explained that it was done by landscapers and was never right from day one. Many landscapers will do synthetic turf work as a sideline and some may be very good at it, but synthetic turf is all we do. I was once asked by a potential client at the Southern Spring Show why he should choose Artificial Turf Products over a landscaper who had a nice display that included a small green. My response was that synthetic turf is all we do, so it is our speciality. I than asked him,”if you had a torn ACL would you go to a general practicioner or an orthopod”? He responded that he was an orthopedic surgeon and he liked my way of thinking. I got the job. If you are going to invest in synthetic turf, have it done by someone with a resume of jobs so you know that it will be done right the first time.

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