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K9 Turf vs. synthetic landscape turf

As someome who has been involved with synthetic or artificial turf for the past 13 years I have seen considerable evolution in the quality and appearence of the products. I have installed all types of turf for a variety of applications. Today the term K9 turf appears to be in vogue. While different companies may market their product as K9 turf, there is often times no difference between K9 turf and other synthetic turf products. The thing to look at when you are buying turf for use where dogs are present is the face weight and length of the turf. The face weight will typically be higher on the products that have more fibers/square inch. The thing to consider when buying turf for an area where dogs are present is how durable the product will be and how easy it is to clean. A good quality landscape turf should be just as durable as what some are marketing as K9 turf. Don’t be fooled into paying more for a product because it is marketed as K9 turf. Check out the length and face weight as compaired to other synthetic turf products and ask the sales person how the K9 turf is different. Chances are, they won’t have any technical data to support their contention that the product is K9 turf other than the fact that that is what their supplier has decided to call it.

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