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K9 Turf and Pet Turf vs. landscape turf

After receiving questions regarding the use of landscape turf where dogs are involved I felt it appropriate to provide some clairification. There are a variety of turf products specifically designed and marketed as K9 or pet turf. Those products are specifally designed with dogs in mind. In applications were numerous dogs are present or in dog kennels those types of turf are better suited for that application than are landscape turf products. However, if you are a pet owner who wants synthetic turf because shade, high traffic, soil composition or other factors make growing grass difficult it is not necessary to only look at K9 or pet turf products. Most synthetic turf products are very durable and are suitable for use where a pet or pets are present. Landscape turf is typically more attractive and realistic looking than K9 turf. And the install process is very similar. Any competent, experienced installer could install either product. As a consumer you should consider your specific situation, how the area to be turffed will be used and make your decision accordingly.

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