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Animals and Synthetic Lawns

After attemping to grow a natural lawn in my back yard for 8 years, my wife and I finally decided to have Articial Turf Products install a synthetic lawn.  And it has been one of the best investments in our home that we have made.  Our problem growing grass in the back yard was/is two active yellow labs that love to run around and play fetch.  We originally had a fescue lawn that would do okay in the spring and fall, but suffered tremendously during the summer because of the heat and the dog traffic. I was always trying to reseed and catch up during the fall, so I could have a reasonalble looking lawn the next spring.

Next I tried a high grade bermuda lawn, Princess 77, and it came in great. I power raked the back yard, re-leveled, watered, and kept the dogs off the lawn that summer when the bermuda was coming in.  By the fall, I had a very good looking lawn.  However, when the dogs started to be more active on the lawn, and after going dorment for 3 winter seasons, the bermuda lawn was toast.  In January 2011, we had 3 or 4 towels by the back door to wipe the dog’s feet off everytime they went out and came back in.  Not to mention, that I had a horrible looking lawn, again.  The wife was none too happy and neither was I.

So we researched synthetic lawns in January 2011 and we liked the idea, but were a little reluctant because of the price.  However, we were at the point where we just needed a solution, and the price was not the biggest factor.  In addition, when I factored in all of the money spent over the past 8 years trying to grow a natural lawn (seed, fertilizer, crab grass preventer, watering, mowing and so forth), I could have paid for a synthetic lawn from the start.  So I certainly didn’t want to be 8 more years and all of the time, money and effort into a natural lawn that wasn’t likely to be any better.

My biggest surprise in having Artificial Turf products install a sythetic lawn is how good it looks.  It looks fantastic!!   And the dogs can run around on it all they want.   So I highly recommend a synthetic lawn for anyone.  But especially those with dogs, kids, shady areas or high traffic areas.  You will not be disappointed.  If you like, please check out the photos of my lawn under the lawn section.  The photos are towards the end and I have a stone patio with columns.

Rod Caillouet

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