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Synthetic turf offers cost effective alternmitive to natural grass lawns

At a recent trade show I was explaing the obvious advantages of a synthetic turf lawn to an elderly lady: “it is an environmently friendly product, no watering, no fertilizer etc.” After concluding my pitch she made a profound statement that I had not even considered. She observed that “a landscaper once told me that a natural grass lawn is the most expensive ground cover you can have”. After considering her remark I realized that she was absolutely correct. In evaluating my own situation which involves an acre of land and a lawn service I determined that I was spending about $2000.00/year on my lawn. It costs $40.00/week for the service which occurs about 40 times/year. That amounts to $1,600.00, but it does not stop there. I have to include the fall airiation, seeding and fertilization as well as the preemergence crab grass killer in the spring. All told, it added up to about $2,000.00. I have lived in my house 21 years so I have invested about $42,000.00 in my lawn. And that does not include the 5-6 loads of top soils I had put down shortly after moving in and realizing that without better soil the grass was never going to grow. Admittedly most lawns may not be as large as mine, but maintaining a natural grass lawn is clearly an expensive and never ending proposition. Synthetic lawns cost more up front, typically between $3000.00 to $10,000.00 but they last for about 15 years. So in reality, most synthetic turf lawns will pay for themselves in 3 to 5 years. With synthetic lawns being attractive and nearly maintenance free it is hard to justify the never ending expense of a natural grass lawn.

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