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Hire the right person for the job

I was recently contacted by a lady who had a landscaper install a putting green in her backyard. She stated that he did a great job on the bulk of the work, but the green was not what she had expected and asked if I could come and look at it to see if I could fix the problems. Following the visit I called her back and explained that the material used for the base was the wrong product, the turf was not intended for outdoor use and the seam in the green was poorly done and that is why it was visible. I explained that I could fix the problems for about $2000.00 but that would still mean that her green had turf that was intended for an indoor application. She explained that she wanted to stick with the turf since she already had $3000.00 invested in it. With the proposed repairs the total cost of the green would be about $5000. The unfortunate truth is that had she contacted me initially she would have had a nicer finished product using the proper products and would have saved about $1,500.00. If you have a landscaping project hire a landscaper. If you want synthetic turf installed hire an expert who does that for a living, not a landscaper who installs synthetic turf as a sideline. You will save money in the long run.

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